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Challenge yourself to coach others

Do you enjoy listening to and motivating people? If so, then a career as a life coach could be for you. Most of us will have heard of life coaching, but what does the term mean, and how does coaching differ from counselling?

Counselling involves a professional working with a client on a specific issue or problem, often looking back at the client’s past for clues as to how the problem developed. Life coaching is different. It’s purely future-focused, and the coach will help the client identify and achieve the goals they develop for themselves. The coach’s role is to listen objectively and reflect back to the client, and to celebrate with them when their goals are achieved.

If you think that this could be the path for you, our Life Coaching course has everything you need to kickstart that journey. Giving you a thorough grounding in what coaching is and what it can achieve, before moving on to look at different models of coaching and how these can be applied. Communication is at the heart of coaching, so you will spend time looking at both the theory and the practice of this fundamental skill. You’ll also take a look at the importance of giving your clients feedback in a sensitive and effective way.


Then take the first step towards a new career, today.

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