A female head sculpture/statue with lots of beautiful coloured flowers.

The art of self healing

Sometimes there are things in our past that hold us back. That need resolving before we can move forwards and be the best version of ourselves. At Renaissance, your self-betterment is always our primary focus. Take our Art Therapy for Self-Healing course. It gives you the ideas and the tools to work through and push past those difficult experiences and feelings. Empowering you and inspiring you to become your best self.

You’ll be guided through using a variety of techniques and media, including watercolours, doodling, still life drawing, pencil sketching and much more, to explore your relationship with yourself. If you’re worried that you’re no good at art, there’s no need. Rest assured that this course is for absolutely everyone. We are all artists in our own unique way, and what you produce is for your eyes only, with no pressure to share or be judged.

This tried and trusted method of emotional restoration comes highly recommended and can be taken at your own pace. It’s a safe and special place for you to explore, experiment, grow, and above all else, heal.

Why not give it a try and see what art therapy can do for you.

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