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Fully accredited art therapy based online courses. Everything included in the cost, no hidden extras. Full tutor support 24/7. All certifications included. Lifetime access. Invitation to join private online community and more!

Immerse yourself in the world of art and harness its therapeutic potential with our carefully selected collection. Embrace the healing journey through creativity and self-discovery.

Our best seller was Art therapy for self healing, it was also the first art course created. The 2nd course created was art therapy for self exploration, the 3rd was how to use art therapy with others (which is our current best seller (neck and neck with art therapy for self healing). The 4th was art therapy the self, its original title was art therapy for greater understanding of the self, the fifth is art therapy a student's perspective and we're nearly ready with our 6th instalment but you'll have to wait for the title!