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Founder: Dr Libby Seery Psychotherapist 

DClinPsy, PsyM, MSc(REBT), BSc(Psych), Ad.Dip.CBT. 

Highly sought after and highly commended, Libby is a true pioneer in her field. A ground-breaking psychotherapist who has consistently challenged the status quo.

Her avant-garde approach towards integrative counselling, and her alternative views on mental health and well-being, have seen her rise to the very top.

Her unique perspective and original methodologies are why she is now regarded as one of the UK’s leading experts.

Respected and revered by both her peers and her patients alike, Libby is driven by the successes and achievements of others, dedicating her professional life to helping people recognise and realise their hidden potential; inspiring and affecting positive change.

Libby's passion has always been championing personal progress and encouraging everyone to realise their full potential.

Libby’s areas of specialism and expertise include:

- Integrative application of both humanistic counselling and behavioural science models to affect profound, positive change

- Self development specialist with a particular focus on enhancing confidence and facilitating her clients to realise their potential 

- ADHD specialist, highly experienced in the assessment and diagnosis, treatment and on-going support, of both adults and children

- C-suite coaching to maximise wellness and performance at both an individual and team level

- Success strategy covering all aspects of personal and professional life

- Therapeutic arts with an emphasis on self-reflection and self-expression

- Sports performance psychology that concentrates on motivation, goal achievement and the improvement of wellbeing

A highly trained specialist with a wealth of experience, Libby has had the pleasure of working with people from all walks of life, both on a pro bono basis as well as in private practice. In addition to her clinician work as a psychotherapist, and as an elite coach, Libby is a very gifted teacher and regularly lectures in her many fields of expertise, sharing her knowledge and practical experience with a number of other prominent professionals. And, because of her inimitable passion for her work, Libby is regularly invited to appear on both TV and radio, celebrating her love and zeal for self betterment.

Because of her exceptional talent for teaching, and her outstanding contribution to her subjects, Libby’s achievements have been recognised throughout the world. And back in 2015, she was accepted as an accredited training provider with the esteemed Continued Professional Development Standards Office.  

Today, Libby’s training academy has twenty five published online courses, all of which have passed a rigorous process, in order to meet the quality standards set by this highly prestigious association. Her educational programmes have been overwhelmingly successful, benefiting more than 700,000 individuals, in over 192 countries, and we’re proud to say that these statistics are increasing on a daily basis.

Globally recognised, the CPD Standards Office has an outstanding reputation, both within the UK but also throughout the world, and is considered the market leader in respect of professional development and self betterment. This is just one of the reasons why our courses being accredited with the CPD Standards Office is of such significance and importance, not only to our individual students, but also to companies and organisations within the public and private sectors, as a mark of quality, credibility, and improved value proposition.

For more information or for any questions you may have regarding Libby’s work, please contact her directly on

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Founding Partner: Charlotte Walker Mental Health and Personal Development Consultant

BSc (Hons) (1:1), Criminal Justice, BA (Hons) (1:1) Modern English Studies, AdDipCounselling, DipCBT, DipPS, DipHE.

In recognition of achieving the highest mark in her cohort for both degrees, Charlotte gained an additional award for outstanding academic excellence on the BSc programme.

With over 25 years of experience, Charlotte’s desire to inspire and motivate others to live their best possible lives, stems from the challenges that she herself once faced. 

Having worked with some of the UK’s most respected universities, mental health charities and psychiatrists, Charlotte has designed and delivered widely publicised and critically acclaimed research that has really changed people’s lives. 

Charlotte embodies the Renaissance Self Betterment ethos, firmly believing that the power to make the changes you want, lies within.

All that’s required is expert guidance in order for you to take the first steps on your journey of self-discovery, personal development, and positive transformation.

Charlotte's areas of specialism and expertise include:

- Qualitative research methods consultancy, offering organisations a tailored approach to gaining valuable insight from customers and service users

- A research-based, person-centred focus on sex and relationship and the intersection between sex and mental health difficulties

- Gender identity and sexuality (member of the Sex, Gender and Sexulities Research Centre at Univeristy of Surrey)

- Workplace wellness, offering consultancy and bespoke training to maximise employee wellbeing and reduce organisational strain

- Mental health and criminal behaviour, working 1:1 with people in contact with the criminal justice system who have a mental health condition to exit crime

Charlotte has spent her adult life in pursuit of career and personal self-betterment and continually seeks out opportunities to enhance her skills and knowledge. Her ethos is one of learning from the lived experience of people facing emotional or social difficulties in order to improve how organisations respond to their end users. A former member of the editorial board of prestigious academic journal The Lancet Psychiatry, Charlotte is also confident in critiquing the work of others.

Charlotte's research skills have been honed over the past decade working with some of the country's leading universities on a self-employed consultancy basis. Her research interests have included sex and relationships, mental health and sexual behaviour, decision-making around taking medication, digital exclusion among marginalised people, the physical health of people on probation, and how mental health services are commissioned and organised.

A natural communicator, Charlotte is at ease working with people of all backgrounds and has worked with everyone from people experiencing street homelessness and substance dependency to Members of Parliament and Peers of the Realm. Her writing style has won national awards and her articles appear in national newspapers and magazines, in academic journals, and on national news web pages. Her mental health blog has had over 1.5 million page views and is frequently cited as influential. She is also a frequently demanded speaker at academic and medical conferences, and a regular interviewee on national television and radio. Charlotte is equally comfortable working 1:1 with people in difficulty and addressing the needs of large corporations - and anything in between.

To learn more about Charlotte’s work and current research interests, please visit her personal website If you’d like to know more about how she can help your organisation grow, develop and incorporate your needs and perspectives to achieve your desired outcomes, she’d love to hear from you. Feel free to contact her directly on